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Planteray (Plantation) XO 20th Anniversary

A luxurious and exquisite blend of Barbadian richness and French Savoir-Faire, creating one incredibly indulgent rum first launched in celebration of our Master Blender, Alexandre Gabriel and subsequently achieving over 55 Gold Medals making it the most awarded XO Rum.

Planteray Rum created XO 20th Anniversary to celebrate Alexandre Gabriel’s 20th anniversary as the brand’s Master Blender. Inspired by his love for historic rum-making techniques and creative flair, the Planteray team selected only the finest, extra-old 100% Barbadian rum in our cellars and created a totally unique blend in his honor. This masterpiece for the Master Blender does him proud and showcases the depth and complexity of Barbadian rum. Planteray XO 20th Anniversary graces the finest tables across the globe and has been awarded over 55 medals for excellence.

Brand Details




Distillery: West Indies Rum Distillery

Name:XO 20th Anniversary


Raw Material:Unknown

Process:Pure blend (1 distillery)

Distillation:Pot and Column Still

Women Led:No


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