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Richland Broadfield Old Georgia Rum

The Cask Strength Expression is our Single Estate Old South Georgia Rum, bottled undiluted, directly from the barrel. Typically, that is between 105 to 120 Proof, or 52.5% - 60% Alcohol By Volume. As part of the selection process to identify mature barrels ready to be bottled, occasionally casks present themselves with flavor and aroma profiles that deserve a direct bottling consideration. The selected cask’s details and bottling strength are marked on each bottle and can be found on the ‘Cask Tracer’.

The nose opens with cherries, brown sugar, candied pecans and prunes.  The palate transitions to include deep elements of roasted orange peel, burnt sugar and toasted coconut, with a complex overlay of vanilla with marshmallow sweetness.  The full finale adds a lingering cocoa, nutmeg and sweet, spicy fruit framework.

Brand Details



Country:United States

Distillery: Richland

Name:Broadfield Old Georgia Rum - Private Select Limited Edition


Raw Material:Unknown

Process:Pure Blend (1 distillery)


Women Led:No


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