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Kimberly Road


Larry              Moe              Curley

Rock Lobster (jungleSTEM Variation of Ti' Punch)

We can't vouch for this cool cat hailing from Maine, but drummer/singer greats like Phil Collins and Don Henley should take note...Rocky has been belting out raucous vocals and funky jams since before Larry was lifeguarding at Goo Lagoon.  No "Roll Tide" here...Sushi Tide rocks the airwaves here on Crash (pirate) Radio.  Aka Sushi Tide Tea (actually a misnomer), our Rock Lobster libation is a Hawaiian twist on the French Caribbean (Martinique) Ti' Punch.  We start with a single cane variety Rhum Agricole from the windswept coast of Kohala, Hawai‘iThen we blend with sugarcane syrup and a squeeze of lime to make this traditional cocktail.


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