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Review: The Monkey's Paw Tiki Lounge

The Monkey's Paw Tiki Lounge is located in Macon, Georgia beneath Pearl restaurant (both owned and operated by Tony and Ashley Doolin). The first hint the experience will be unique is finding out reservations start on the hour (Thu/Fri/Sat starting at 5pm) and are only good for an hour. Earlier reservations, when the bar is less crowded, have made for a more casual experience so I recommend going at 5 or 6pm, especially if it's your first time out. Upon arriving at the Paw (checking in with the host at Pearl), there is a waiting room with a door featuring a lit lamp just above the doorway. You are instructed to not go downstairs until the light goes out. This waiting creates a sense of anticipation and excitement, checking your watch and glancing at the light, hoping it goes off so the fun can start.

The light turns off, almost like a starting gun in a 400 meter sprint, and the herd of newcomers and veterans alike flow down the dimly lit winding stairway. Reaching the bottom reveals an intimate setting with a long bar top and back bar and a few tables before a separate private room just off the main bar section. While every inch is not thickly layered in typical South Pacific-influenced tiki accouterments, there is no doubt of the Tiki theme to the bar. Wooden tikis and monkeys, glass fish float lights, puffer fish, and traditional tiki mugs and cocktail glassware complete the look. A couple of TV displays trimmed winds feature an outdoor tropical view and the eclectic tiki background music helps transport you to another time and place. The stated goal of Monkey's Paw (and Pearl), after all, is to "put everyone on island time." Mission accomplished!

Owner and chief mixologist, Tony Doolin, starts things off asking if there are any newcomers. Tony provides a good intro for the first-timers along with the clear warning of the severe public shaming that will occur if anyone orders "vodka in his rum bar". Even so, many find the allure of the Macadamia Nut Chi Chi worth the hazing. As if there is not enough appeal at this point, Tony points out the back page of the menu that is off limits to all but the few elite patrons of the Explorer's Club. In order to partake of this rarefied air, each patron will run the gauntlet of the "Drink Passport", featuring over 20 cocktails, requiring a stamp on each to mark progress on the tropical journey. While each concoction has its own appeal, depending on taste preferences, there is truly no bad drink in the place. Each cocktail has been carefully crafted, curated, and improved to highlight the ingredients of each drink.

Devan (fellow mixologist) and Ashlyn complete the bar service trio and all are pleasant and helpful, making for a great experience. Tony's rum and cocktail knowledge is vast and I immensely enjoy his friendly banter about new rum bottles and ingredient choices used to achieve the perfect Tiki cocktail experience. Tony has definitely helped me up my home cocktail game. And even though we are on island time, the hour passes too quickly given I could spend the evening in such a wonderful and vibey world.

Having visited several other renowned Tiki bars, I can honestly Monkey's Paw competes with the big boys out there. Drink quality, intimate and cozy environment, combined with friendly staff and excellent service make for a great night out. It is no wonder we have become regulars there, sharing our experience with friends and family. Tony is THE BEST and his establishment is a reflection of this! HIGHLY RECOMMEND - 10/10 Tikis



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